Mobile Game Party Bus
About MGP

Mobile Game Party brings the party right to your front door, school, church,
or neighborhood park. You name the place and we will be there!


Mobile Game Party features a high definition Gaming Theater that plays as many as 16 people at one time. Inside you will find 4; fifty inch plus hi-definition LCD's Featuring Xbox, Playstation and Wii and equipped with hundreds of game titles including today's hottest multi-player games; Call of Duty, Halo, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bro's, Guitar Hero, Madden, and much much more!!! There are 4 big screens across from comfortable leather seating where you can play up to 16 people at once! These Hi-Def LCD's can system link to allow up to 16 people to play in the same game at the same time!

A knowledgeable game coach is included to manage every party,
making sure every attendee has a great time.

Our Rolling Game Theater is equipped with heating and air conditioning so no matter what the temperature is outside, it's always nice and comfortable inside. We have an on board generators which allows us to be free to park anywhere, no need to hook up to an outlet.

What to Expect

The Mobile Game Party will arrive a few minutes early to get set up, turned on, and ready to go. We'll go over a few helpful tips with the guests and then we are off and playing! Parents can feel comfortable to go back inside and relax and leave the fun to us.

Mobile Game Party Games
Mobile Game Party Gaming
Inside the Mobile Game Party Bus

Gaming kids

What We Need From You

A date, a time, and an address, that's it, oh and a major credit card. We also need a place to park. The Mobile Game Party needs approximately 45 to 50 feet of curb to park comfortably.